Europe Conference

The European Chapter of the American College of Nutrition was established in November 2001 as a professional organization to promote scientific endeavors in the field of nutritional sciences. ECACN represents an ideal bridge between the United States and Europe for a continuous, bidirectional flow of scientific knowledge and experience.

Health Promotion in Young Ages
March 20-21, 2015

Held at Lecture Hall of 2nd Pediatric Department, Med. Fac. Semmelweis Univ., Budapest Hungary
Phone: 061 2151380/52968, Fax: 061 217 5770
Mobil: 0620 8259527 , e-mail:

  • Organized by European Chapter of American College of Nutrition, Europen Association of Paediatric Education, Internation Group for the Prevention of Atherosclerosis in Childhood and Assocition of European Research Group of Obesity in Childhood
  • Locally organized by Pediatric Section of Hungarian Atheroclerosis Society, Foundation for Infants with Cardiac Failure and Convention Budapest ltd.

Scientific Program, Registration fee: 70 euro

Friday Morning
8:00- 9:30 Registration
8:40-9:00 Opening Remarks (Billeaud C –EAPE, Gastaldelli A-ECACN, Szamosi T-IGPAC, Widhalm K-AEROC )
9:00-10:40 Education About Pediatrics, School Health Programs

  • Chaired by Billeaud C (F), Martos E (H) Lenoir M (F): The role of health school doctor and the pupils well beeing in secondary school
  • Martos E, Nagy B, Bakacs M, Sarkadi Nagy E (H): National nutritional environment survey in schools- a tool for policy making
  • Brines J, Martinez-Costa C, Nunez F (E): Promoting the health of children and adults by primary school teachers
  • Billeaud C (F), Barak S (Isr): Health school organization and pediatrics for teachers in Europe
  • Rigourd V, Roux C, Billeaud C(F): A new E learning program about breastfeeding, CME in pediatrics

10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:40 CVD Risk

  • Chaired by  Gastaldelli A (I), Szamosi T (H) Gastaldelli A (I): Defining cardiometabolic risk and its prevention
  • Manco M (I): Practical prevention of cardiometabolic abnormalities. From the lesson of the Origin Study to the MD Pedigree project
  • Szamosi T (H): Prevention of the early CVD, the role of oxygen stress
  • Helk O, Pöppelmayer C, Widhalm K (A): EDDY: a project for the prevention of Obesity and CVD risk in schoolchildren aged 11-15 years
  • Kiss-Tóth B (H): Dietary and physical activity habits of children between 4-10

12:40- 13:30 Lunch

Friday Afternoon
13:30-14:30 Workshop to define curriculum about pediatrics for teachers in Europe

  • Chaired by Brines J (E)

14:30-15:50 Obesity

  • Chaired by Widhalm K(A), Oroszlan Gy(H) Widhalm K (A): The morbid obese adolescent: conservative and surgical treatment
  • Molnar D (H): Childhood obesity in Europe
  • Banki A (H): The relation of obesity in childhood and the chronic disease of youg adults
  • Oroszlan-Ban M, Harsfa A,Enger-Pozsonyi A, Vigh E, Oroszlan Gy (H) : The prevalence of overweight and obesity among secondary school children

15:50-16:10 Coffee Break

16:10-17:10 Varia

  • Chaired by Manco M (I), Szamosi A(H) Szamosi A(H): The role of parents, teachers and medical doctors in the prevention of inflammated eye contagiosity
  • Neilhüber GyA, Schuler D, Garami M (H): Results and difficulties in the folate Prophylaxis of neural tube defects
  • Juhasz E, Felszeghy E, Ungvari T, Mogyorosy G, Illyes I (H): Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in obese children

Satruday Morning
9:00-10:00 Chronic Diseases

  • Chaired by Brines J (E), Garami M (H), Brines J (E): Decisions of the workshop
  • Erdelyi DJ, Kovacs GT (H): Nutrition, lifestyle and the prevention of malignancies
  • Madarasi A (H): Pediatric implications of the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

10:00-10:20 Coffee Break
10:20-11:20 Free Papers

  • Chaired by Helk O (A) (I), Madarasi A (H) Helk O, Buchinger K, Pöppelmayer C, Widhalm K (A): Measurement of body composition in childhood
  • Antal E (H): Keeping children well hydrated
  • Tory V(H): Intrauterine and perinatal determination of later cardiovascular diseases. Can early prevention eliminate increased CV risk?

11:20-11:40 Closing remarks (Szamosi T) (H)
11:40-12:00 Closing registration