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The prestigious Journal of the American College of Nutrition (JACN) is published eight times per year and accepts the following types of submissions:

  1. Original articles - pertaining to innovative research of nutritional importance with useful application for physicians and health care specialists.
  2. Critical reviews – updating the current status of research developments or present new concepts to unify relationships among nutrition, health maintenance and pathogenesis and treatment of disease. Key teaching points and nutritional relevance must be highlighted.
  3. Letters to the editor - Authors will be given the opportunity to respond to letters that address their published work.
  4. Supplements representing symposia and workshops will be considered on an individual basis . Topic proposals should be presented first to the Editor-in-Chief. Individual papers will be peer-reviewed.
  5. Case history - Authors may submit a detailed account of the facts affecting the development or condition of a person or group under treatment or study for consideration by the editors.
  6. Book reviews

Peer Review Process: Submissions are evaluated anonymously by at least one member of the editorial board and at least one other reviewer, both of whom are experts in the subject matter.

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